m-o-o-t Code Notes

m-o-o-t consists of a small O/S , comms and driver software , a layer of crypto and a layer of application programs all of which boot and run from and are contained on a single . multiplatform . CD. All local storage (except RAM) is disabled, including hard drives, . floppies, zip, jaz, CDr, CDrw etc

We haven't written most of it yet!


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a small O/S:
probably a UNIX, probably a cut-down version of Open BSD but we're looking for better alternatives. However as we don't want to re-invent the wheel it would be useful to have the range of drivers, comms s/w, crypto, X, programs etc. available for the various forms of BSD/UNIX. Single user only. Alternatives to BSD have got to boot and run from CD and be multiplatform. top

basically just TCP/IP and PPP top

driver software:
we want to be usable by as many people as possible so we need driver software for ordinary and cable modems, ethernet, DSL, and ISDN. Also we might, and I stress might, want drivers for scanners, digital cameras and maybe printers. top

a layer of crypto:
as we consider all present protocols insecure against the new threats brought about by legislation, we are not going to use any of them. The crypto layer will interface between the application programs and the comms and will use nine algorithms. There will only be one choice for each type of algorithm. We haven't chosen them yet. There will also be a RNG. top

a layer of application programs:
email, w/p, spreadsheet, graphics. No browser. top

boot and run from:
No hard drive, remember. Clean boot from startup. We also don't want to interfere with the normal use of the computer by changing nvram's etc. if we can avoid it. top

contained on a single:
Space problems are likely here but it has to be on one CD top

We want to use the CD as a look-up table to prevent fake CD's (so we can only have one type of CD), and we want it to run on as many computers as possible, that's why. This is going to cause problems, especially with Apple Macs. Wish list reads: ix86, Apple, the rest, as this is the order of actual computers used by individuals. We are not concerned with servers. top

Because almost everyone has a CD reader and it's read-only (if the correct media are used). We also want to ensure that the CD is physically in the player and that the system shuts down if it is removed. Would like to disable writing to the CD. top

including hard drives:
No hard drives means a) nothing left to be found after shut down and b) no chance of trojans and backdoors being run from the hard drive. top

floppies, zip, jaz, CDr, CDrw etc:
We may have generic SCSI, USB and IDE drivers for net and scanner etc connectivity but we want to prevent removable media storage being used. top

main page . product . code . cryptography . security . FAQ

You can contact us here
You can join our mailing list m-o-o-t here. It's low volume and technical.